Hunt the Mice!

Hunt the Mice at Explosion!

Try our new more colourful mouse hunt activity sheet (right), available everyday during normal opening hours.

Children visiting the Museum can now participate in a new activity within our galleries – HUNT THE MICE!

Several Mice have invaded the site and are hiding around the Museum. There are twelve in total, and are younger visitors are being encouraged to help us find them. They could be anywhere, hiding in our Coffee Shop, in the Grand Magazine or even in the torpedoes gallery. We must find them quickly, before they eat all our cheese!!

If you would like to take part in this activity, simply ask for a activity form on your arrival at the Museum. This activity is FREE with a valid Museum ticket. You can even win your own mouse (a toy one of course)! Simply find the twelve mice and you will be entered into a free prize draw. For more information, please contact the Museum on 023 9250 5600.


Three of the twelve mice can be seen below: -

Bridal MouseBridal Mouse



 We host Weddings in the Grand Magazine, I wonder where our Bridal Mouse is hiding?


Cooper MouseCooper Mouse


 Can you find our Cooper Mouse? Last seen lurking between Gunpowder barrels in the Museum Cooperage.



Cowboy MouseGunslinger Mouse

Where could our gunslinger be found?

He's armed with a musket after all! Our stock of cheese is getting dangerously low.

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