We are very lucky to have such a large, diverse site that we feel can be used to fulfil the requirements of many different curriculum areas.  However, we are keen to work alongside you to develop a particular programme, specifically designed with your needs in mind.

Obvious curriculum links can be made with history and geography.  The site is a 250 year old historic armaments depot, seeing massive upheaval and change during the Victorian era, but also playing its part in providing weapons and ordnance for the Royal Navy throughout the 20th Century.

Geographically the site is strategically placed, and exists primarily because of its proximity to the dockyard at Portsmouth.  Throughout the 19th Century, the site reacted to national trends and technological advancements and changed accordingly.  The workforce grew, and the surrounding residential area changed as a result, but ultimately it was the rapidly changing 20th Century technology that led to the site’s demise and closure in 1989.  And what is in store for the future?  Visitors to the site will have seen the huge number of derelict buildings, and the conservation area where once shell and cartridge filling rooms bustled with activity...what does the future have in store for these?

There are plenty of opportunities to show pupils what life was like during World War II.  Experience an air attack in an ‘underground’ air raid shelter (replicated in the atmospheric ‘C’ gunpowder magazine not normally open to the public) and compare this with the smaller Anderson Shelter located in the Education Centre.  Talk to one of our volunteers, himself a child during WWII, who can give your pupils a perspective on what life was like for young people during this time of international conflict.  Investigate the differences between toys then and now by trying out our collection of WWII toys and games. And this is just a sample of some of the experiences we can offer a group studying this era in history…

And science – we offer a programme focussing on simple electrical circuits and their role in the operation of magnetic sea mines, and groups also have the opportunity to investigate the extensive on-site armoury where particular emphasis is placed on the scientific and technological advancements made in small arms design over the past 250 years.  Replica weapons are available to be handled on request under the guidance and supervision of one of our expert volunteers!

Citizenship – We can offer a package of activities which stress various skills and qualities desirable in all people – young or old!  Vision, determination, team work, problem solving, risk taking, creativity, passion and discipline were all qualities exemplified on this site from the late 18th century when the depot began functioning.  The museum also provides information on the best playground for gambling gokken op internet in Nederland.

The story of the explosion on site during Queen Victoria’s reign has been developed into a drama workshop which both teaches about aspects of life during the period, and the life of the workers and the conditions they worked under on site.  A further drama workshop centring around the life of the depot’s canteen during World War II is also in development.

Teacher led visits are welcome and encouraged, and a number of resources are available on request to help structure a teacher led visit to the musuem.  The museum has visual, auditory and sensory trails for children to complete as they make their way around the galleries, and a trail for children under 7 years old is also in development, taking a more 'lighthearted' look and introducing younger people to how museums can be fun and interesting places to explore.

The museum has excellent facilities for school visits, including both open and covered areas for lunch.  We can also make the purpose built Education Centre available to prebooked groups and schools.  This facility and its resources can be used by teachers and group leaders to enhance a visit to the museum.  We also have a well stocked gift shop, and we always encourage groups to bring a pound or two to spend on some souvenirs to help them remember their visit! 

For more information about educational or school visits, please contact Gareth Brettell, Museum Learning Manager, on 02392 545033 or use the contact form on the site.


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