Kaiten Acquisition

kaiten1On Tuesday the 18th of October 2011, the Museum acquired the two sections of the Kaiten Torpedo from the RN Submarine Museum at Haslar. Kaiten human torpedoes entered service with Japanese Navy as a desperate weapon of last resort during 1944-45. Six distinct types were developed, of which only the Type 1 was used in combat. 100 Type 1 Kaiten were deployed operationally; only a small number of missions were successful.


The Museum has aquired the Nose Cone and Fuel Chamber from the Type 2 version. It is hoped that the remaining sections can be acquired at a later date, or that the Museum can fabicate missing pieces. It is likely that the Kaiten will be restored by Museum volunteers in 2012 and be placed on display later next year. The Museum would like to thank Marsh Plant and the National Museum of the Royal Navy for thier assistance with transportation.



The video above shows the Fuel Chamber being lifted over the Museum Curatorial Office and into our Conservation Compound.   




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